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What is Depression?

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Symptoms of Depression

Depression is a normal reaction to grievous loss. It can be the loss of a loved one to death or breakup, loss of self-esteem or loss of health. It is evidenced by feelings of sadness, worthlessness, guilt and shame. Symptoms of depression can be very overwhelming, and they can manifest in many areas of one’s life.

Depression can also impact one’s energy level, functionality, self-esteem and their relationship with others. Individuals with depression can experience loss of sleep, appetite and sexual desire. Depression impairs memory and concentration, particularly, paying attention can be exhausting. Even, a light conversation can seem like a chore to depressed individuals. Every moment of life can feel like a great heaviness. The mind of Individuals with depression are filled with self-recrimination. Thoughts of suicide is a common symptom of depression.

Another important fact about depression is the state of anhedonia. Depressed individuals lose the capacity to experience pleasure and enjoy pleasurable activities that they once did. Severe depression can be treated by a combination of both medications and therapy. Depression is a serious clinical problem, which should not be left untreated.

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