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Feeling Good Institute Welcomes Leena Mahmoodi

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Fantastic news!! Leena Mahmoodi owner and founder of Focus Counselling is now also part of the world renowned Feeling Good Institute.

The Feeling Good Institute are leaders in the advancement of quality TEAM-CBT, providing, training and support for therapists and treatment of patients in cutting edge Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

TEAM therapy, developed by world-renowned author and therapist Dr. David Burns, is a powerful and innovative form of therapy that builds upon evidence-based treatments, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( CBT ), to drive faster change and relief for patients. Each step of this approach has been studied and shown to improve therapy results.

Leena is a Canadian Certified Counsellor with Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) and EMDR therapist. Leena has studied Dr. Burns' method extensively and is trained and certified in TEAM CBT, as a highly effective treatment provider with the Feeling Good Institute.

TEAM Therapy, created by Dr. David Burns is not a new “school” of therapy, but rather a framework for conducting evidence-based therapy.

Here is a brief description of the TEAM approach:

T = Testing E = Empathy A = Agenda Setting M = Methods.


Sometimes people know that they don’t feel quite right, but they can’t put their finger on what is bothering them. Testing can help clarify what the problem is. It involves completing questionnaires that assess your mood and other symptoms at the beginning and end of every session. The questionnaires also allow patients to give their therapists feedback about how the session went. This way, we can measure progress in therapy and stay on track, increasing your chances for success in therapy.


Most people benefit from having a place to talk freely and openly, knowing that they can just be themselves and that they will be accepted, valued, understood and respected. We believe that the empathic connection is a necessary ingredient for successful therapy. We offer our patients more than just empathy, but we strongly believe that even the most sophisticated methods are much more effective once the empathic connection has been established.

Agenda Setting

Once we have established a connection and a clear sense of the change that you want to accomplish, we will talk about the pros and cons of change and what is likely to be required in order to meet your goals. Some people discover that there are hidden advantages to their symptoms. Maybe anxiety is helping you avoid real danger. Maybe guilt is a reflection of your good value system. Maybe hopelessness is saving you from disappointment. Regardless of the type of problem you have, it is likely that you will have at least some mixed feelings about the process of recovery. Agenda setting helps us to sort out your motivation to change and whether the rewards are worth the cost.


There are many extremely powerful cognitive, behavioral and interpersonal methods that we have to offer. These methods can help you with depression, anxiety, habits, addictions, and relationship problems.

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship concerns or unhealthy habits, then you came to the right place. Leena is a highly trained therapist and can provide you with tools and techniques that can drive faster results.


· Individuals and Couples Counselling

· Intensive Therapy

· Adolescents Therapy

Specialties: Trauma, Depression and Anxiety.

The Feeling Good Institute now offers state-of-the-art therapy live online.

Leena Mahmoodi

Focus Counselling

Counselling Services Calgary

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