Begin Your Healing Journey With Focus Counselling

Begin Your Healing Journey With Focus Counselling

                   Your Recovery is our Focus


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Focus Counselling

I offer high quality counselling services to individuals, couples and adolescents. I specialize in treating trauma, depression, anxiety and relationship problems. I work in collaboration with you to help you reach your personal development goals. It can feel overwhelming to find an effective therapist who can help you overcome your concerns. I practice a form of therapy that is high quality and evidence-based that provides results. Through this collaborative work, I help you reach your goals faster in a safe and caring space. I have powerful tools and techniques that can help transform your life that  allows you to live a fulfilling life again.


 Individual & Adolescent Counselling

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Providing counselling for adults and adolescents in a wide range of areas to help improve mood, enrich relationships and increase functionality. Investing in personal development can lead to high self-esteem and a great sense of accomplishment. 

Couples Counselling

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In providing couples counselling, I use research-based tools and methods to help you strengthen your relationship, build a friendship and learn needed skills to manage conflicts effectively. Couples counselling is very valuable to maintaining and improving your relationship. I offer counselling to all couples with various needs and concerns. 

Online & In-Person


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You can access counselling online from the comfort of your own home as well as in-person. I am qualified to provide you with the quality care that you need.